I am someone who travels often and like all guitarists I can’t stay more than a few days without one of my guitars.
I live in Rome, but I am originally from the north and there I have all my contacts with my trusted luthiers, plus my own space that I can use as a workshop.
It is therefore normal that my guitars travel often, always by train.

For Gibsons and Fenders there are no particular problems, the Fender case in shaped ABS is extraordinarily light and gives an excellent feeling of protection, while the Gibson wooden one is heavy, even if not excessively, but very protective.

The problem is PRS… (Yes, I know, I’m fucking lucky, but I’ve also made a huge bunch in my life and haven’t bought a car yet ????).
The original PRS case weighs 3kg alone, without even the guitar inside !!!
Plus it is rectangular, and rectangular houses are very uncomfortable for me, they take up too much space.

I was looking for a sturdy, but necessarily light case!
I can’t think of walking around Rome with a backpack (with computer), a trolley and even a heavy and bulky hard case. No, absolutely no!

Browsing the internet I found various semi-rigid houses in polyfoam and among all the one that struck me the most (for shape, colors and price, then for the rest I don’t think they are so different between one brand and another) of Luke & Daniel on music market, paid for 49 euros plus shipping.


The protective structure of Luke & Daniel AF203G10 is in polyfoam, or expanded foam.
It is a shockproof material with properties also of thermal insulation, always useful in protecting the instrument.

Externally the polyfoam is covered with a black fabric (which on the site they say is anti-cut), with a nice thick and sliding zip on the style of soft cases, comfortable I must say.
In front it has a pocket to store some accessories (actually scores, certainly not pedals or something thicker) and behind it is equipped with padded shoulder straps for backpack transport. These are essential for a travel case.

Luke & Daniel AF203G10: external pocket

On the bottom, external side, there are rubber feet to protect the external fabric, which keep the case slightly raised from the ground both if placed on the long side and on the short one.

Luke & Daniel AF203G10: short side protection feet
Luke & Daniel AF203G10: inside pocket

Here, if they really want to find a fault, I would say that a horizontal handle in front and behind, to be able to lift it vertically, I find it extremely comfortable, but here it is missing.

Inside, there is also a nice pocket to store a shoulder strap, strings, picks or small objects.


The Luke & Daniel AF203G10 is made for Stratocaster / Telecater type guitars. Point.
Then that other models also fit internally, okay, but the shaping is precise for those two guitars. I put it in, trying several, and the thing is evident.

The internal measurements are:

  • guitar length: 102 cm
  • max body width: 33 cm

The site states that it perfectly contains a standard shape electric guitar (stratocaster, telecaster, SG, RG, Soloist, Dinky, C1, C7, JP).
I personally disagree.
I tried to put two SGs in it, a Standard and a Supreme (which has a thick headstock), and yes, they fit, but the 17 degree angled headstock is not in my opinion really comfortable in there, too hairy and made to measure.
In short, I wouldn’t trust it very much to carry them inside, I don’t think the handle is very relaxed, it always gives me the idea that it remains slightly tense.
The Les Paul just doesn’t fit, forget it. For that, however, there are other polyfoam cases.

PRS Custom 24 and Luke & Daniel AF203G10

But I bought it to be able to transport (in a controlled environment like the train, certainly not by plane !!!) a PRS, both the SE and the Custom 24. The body is slightly wider than that of a stratocaster, but good or badly we are, the case widens slightly and fits without problems.
The neck sits well without straining like the SG.
And guys… it’s very light !!!


Ok, many will ask: do you really trust carrying a Custom 24 in a polyfoam case? Well, yes, in my opinion it is well protected.
Of course, if the case were to take a good hit it would be damaged, but I think the contents would remain intact. Obviously, it depends on the blow, but for this reason I use it to travel in a controlled environment like the train, certainly not by plane.
Nor in the car. With the car I can move easily without taking long stretches on foot, and honestly I prefer to carry the PRS in an ABS case (which I will talk about in another article).
Sure I don’t use its original case, not even in the car !!!

In case it takes a hard hit I think the Luke & Daniel AF203G10 would be irreparably damaged, so it would probably change. But I hope I never have to find out.


The Luke & Daniel AF203G10 is an excellent case for Strato / Tele or PRS Custom 22/24, with almost rigid protection but unparalleled portability.
Recommended? Yes, absolutely.


  • very light, incredible
  • protective (within the limits of polyfoam, clear, it is not in wood or abs, but in any case it is comparable within the limits)
  • nice inside pocket, like those of hard cases
  • very transportable (in this no rigid is comparable)
  • economic
  • aesthetically beautiful and elegant.


  • the external storage pocket can only hold narrow items, such as sheet music
  • the front and rear handles are missing for vertical transport.

At the moment it is no longer available on the market, but here for example there is still: http://www.soundsrl.it – ​​luke-daniel-af203g10.

If you need a well-protective case, but above all light as a feather, but with the portability of a soft case, the Luke & Daniel AF203G10 could be the one for you.

Published on musicanza.it on: 16/08/2020.