After various aftermarket research I was able to find a molded ABS hard case that fits perfectly either Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 or 24.

When I bought my Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 (yes, great day that), on the Naples-Rome train ride I noticed how the hard case supplied was extremely protective, practically armored. But also terribly uncomfortable and heavy … It practically weighs like the guitar itself.

Also, the rectangular shape doesn’t help. If I have to go out in the car I can also load the guitar between the front and rear seats, but the rectangular shape does not allow it to lean against the bottom, causing the handbrake space to swell. Let alone the cars with the transmission tunnel. And if I want to put it in the trunk, I can forget it, it just doesn’t fit in my Clio.

So after some research, I found out about the existence of the Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB. This is an extremely light and contoured abs case, pretty much everything I was looking for in a hard case.

The problem with PRS hard cases is that they are basically all rectangular. You can hardly find something more traditional, shaped. With the consequent problems (at least for me, then if many use them it means that they are probably happy with them) mentioned above.

Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB

Features and compatibility

The external structure of the Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB is in ABS and the closure is entrusted to 6 metal mechanisms, one of which is equipped with a key. Inside vie is the classic hard case compartment, large enough for shoulder strap, cable, tuner and other accessories.

Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB

Extremely light, as befits an ABS case, it gives the feeling of providing excellent protection, even if it will never be at the levels of the original case (armored ????).

The measurements are:

  • Internal depth: 120 mm
  • Internal width: 1195 mm
  • Internal length: 300 mm

Inside, the guitar fits comfortably. While there is some space left in some places between the case and the instrument, it stays nice and still without moving. Great, that’s what matters.

Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB

Honestly, I doubt that it was ever designed specifically for the shape of a Paul Reed Smith Custom, but it sits there without moving, so it suits me and anyone looking for an alternative case for their ax.


The Rockcase RC ABS 10504 BCT / SB is a fantastic molded hard case in abs with which you can safely carry a Paul Reed Smith Custom.

Light and protective, it can replace the original supplied case, very heavy and bulky (which, however, I advise you never to sell! what does it cost …).

The guitar fits perfectly inside and remains still, without moving, although it does not adhere perfectly to the case, in some places there is a bit of empty space.

In some ways it reminds me of the Luke & Daniel AF203G10 in polyfoam, only that, in my opinion, was specific for canvas and layer, but in the end it also included the PRS Custom.

Found on music market (you can try on at about 60 euros shipped, from a well-known Sardinian shop, it was a bargain.

Personally, I recommend it in the round to all those who find, like me, the original case excessively heavy and bulky, even if, the latter offers perhaps unparalleled protection.

Published on on: 03/11/2020.