When you have a digital multi-effects pedal for guitar, it seems that you need an expression pedal. Especially if that multi-effects is not originally equipped with one. And the Zoom G3 doesn’t have it, so you need the Zoom G3X for that.

The great thing about an expression pedal separate from the pedal board is that you can decide when and whether to take it with you and connect it.

There are many expression pedals, with prices ranging from ten euros to hundreds of euros. In the midst of all this variety, the choice that seemed the most obvious (and cheap 🙂 ) was to take the Zoom G3’s dedicated expression pedal: the Zoom FP02M.


The Zoom FP02M is reliable and robust, made of the same body as the Zoom G3 / G3X, and this is a great advantage. In terms of size it is a bit bigger than the Zoom G3 (strange that they didn’t make it identical to the expression pedal of the G3X). In fact, the dimensions are 200 x 70 x 86 mm, for a weight of 0.610 kg, while the Zoom G3 / G3X is 175 x 55 x 225 mm for the G3 model, while 175 x 55 x 330 mm for the G3X.

It has the connection cable (long) that connects from the pedal to the pedalboard with a 6.35mm (1/4 “) jack per side, supplied. Excellent the fact that the cable is not integrated into the pedal itself, but that it can be replaced in case of any problems.

Unfortunately, it has a little flaw … It does not have the power button of the effect to which it is assigned (think of the obvious case in which it is assigned a wah), unlike the pedal integrated in the Zoom G3X.

Sound and practical usage

Well, there is little to say about the sound of the Zoom FP02M, that comes from the pedal board.

On the practical side, on the other hand, I can say that I am very satisfied. The pedal works well, it is very progressive (also this partly derives from the pedal board software) the footprint is perfect.

It could also be used on the Zoom G3X, assigning two different functions to the Zoom FP02M and the integrated pedal, perhaps one wah (the one integrated with the power button) and the other the volume (function for which the Zoom FP02M is perfect).


There is a practically infinite choice of expression pedals on the market, from very cheap to extremely expensive. Having a Zoom G3, which costs less than a hundred euros on its own, I didn’t want to equip myself with an expression pedal that cost more than the pedal board itself. Also, having the Zoom produced an expression pedal specifically for the G3, the Zoom FP02M, I opted for this choice.

I am certainly satisfied with it and recommend it, especially by virtue of the price, which is really low. On mercatino musicale or on strumentimusicali.net you can find it for 55 euros new and obviously unless used, the same on subito.it or reverb.com.

The only thing that doesn’t convince me is the lack of the power button, but for the price at which it can be found, especially used, I still think it’s worth it.

Published on musicanza.it on: 06/01/2022.